Should I sell my car online or to a dealer?

Posted at Wed, May 5, 2021 1:30 PM

Maybe you’re looking for a new car, truck, or SUV and you want to sell your current vehicle to use as money down towards your next purchase, maybe the kids have gone off to school and you’re looking to sell an old car they had been driving, whatever the reason may be, you’re looking to sell your car. What can you do? Selling your vehicle privately is an option, you could post it on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, AutoTrader, a number of different places. Or, you could bring it in to a dealer to receive an offer, possibly looking at new vehicles there if you’re looking to replace your current car. In this article we’ll be looking at why it’s best to go with the aforementioned option, especially when it comes to the way we do business here.

You decided to go the private selling route, it’s been up for a while, offers are starting to come in, some are good, people come and look, others start off trying to negotiate before even seeing the vehicle in person, even more ask to take it to a mechanic and give you a laundry list of things they want done on the vehicle before they’ll buy it, coming out of your pocket. It can be overwhelming and time consuming. And, even if you do find someone, if you owe any money on the vehicle or if something unforeseen happens, you’re left with dealing with the bank and the state and every other party involved.

Here at North End Motors, you won’t run into that. Our team of professional buyers have a variety of sources at their disposal, not only will they appraise your car if you’re looking to buy one of ours, they’ll give you an offer on your vehicle with no purchase from us necessary. Every pre-owned vehicle is unique, and they know this. They’ll look over the condition of your vehicle, take it for a drive, and compare it to real time market values. Giving you a holistic offer that reflects the true value of whatever it is you bring in to us.

We’re also a Kelly Blue Book partner dealer, with this page on our site you’re able to input all the information on your car, and if you follow next steps get a REAL cash offer for your vehicle that you can take in to us. And as we said, each vehicle is unique, on average our buyers go up to 25% higher than KBB value for the vehicle’s we buy, depending on those previously mentioned current values, and the ins and outs of your specific car.

Not only will we give you a competitive offer for your vehicle as it stands on its own, if you still have a loan open, we’ll take care of the paperwork with your bank, and if the value of your vehicle is higher than what you owe, we’ll cut you the check for the difference and send in the money to whatever bank or credit union you use, to help save you the time and stress of chasing them.

Whether you’re looking to replace your car, sell it and move on, or just see what you could get for your car today, North End Motors is the premier dealer to work with in every case. It doesn’t matter if you have an 07 Honda Civic or a 2020 BMW 3 Series, our team at North End Motors brings transparency to every transaction, and strives to make the automotive industry more equitable at every step of the way. Call in, reach out to us on our website, or stop by at 390 Turnpike Street in Canton, Massachusetts today, we’d be glad to help.

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