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Looking to upgrade your automotive situation? Then you will be happy to know that the North End Motors team is ready and willing to leverage their experience to help you plan out the best path going forward. Whether we are helping you learn more about the great selection of quality pre-owned automobiles found at our convenient Canton location or creating a connection with the expert team of advisors and technicians in our full-fledged service department, we are sure that the trusted pre-owned vehicle experts at North End Motors have the skills needed to help you tackle these tough decisions.

Are you excited to hear about which department has what you are looking for in your next trip to North End Motors? Then make it a point to join us as we offer up some guidance and help you forge a connection with the correct group of trusted North End Motors experts.

Our Sales Group Has No Peer When It Comes to Expertise

When it comes to pre-owned car sales, no one beats the North End Motors team in Canton. From giving you the inside scoop on all of the latest automotive trends to putting you on track for the right used car (including models in excellent condition from a varoiety of auto makers) that caters to your specific situation and budget considerations, we can give you access to the insight you require to make a strong choice.


The best reason to connect with our sales group? Our automotive experts make it a point to always give you the tools you require to make the right choice for you and your family. Only when you feel confident enough in your search to take the next step will we give you the tools you need to move closer to the new vehicle that is right for you.

Are You in Need of the Most Effective Car Repair in Canton? Then North End Motors Is the Place to Be

Whether now is the time to put on some new tires or you could use a little help putting the pieces back together after a sudden accident, North End Motors wants to make one thing clear: We are the top provider of stellar service that is expedient, affordable, and always taken care of by trained Mitsubishi mechanics.


The friendly staff of automotive repair professionals here at North End Motors are dedicated and prepped to fix your automotive issues – regardless of the make and model of your vehicle.

Have Another Topic on Your Mind We Have Not Covered? We Are Interested In Connecting with You

Did we not answer all of your questions? Then give us a call! North End Motors is dead set on bettering your dealership experience, so take some time to shoot over your questions and comments our way when it is convenient for you. We will be on hand to provide you with as much info as possible as we assist you in taking care of whatever question is currently on your plate.


Now that you are caught up on the right avenues for reaching out to the North End Motors team, as well as what each of our departments can provide to respected customers such as yourself, there is really only one thing left to do: Give us a call! We cannot wait to connect with you today and guarantee that your time spent at North End Motors is the best it can possibly be.

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