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Toyota versus Honda

In today’s article we’ll be looking at Toyota versus Honda. With a rivalry between these two Japanese automotive manufacturers spanning over five decades, it remains ever present in today&...
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Kia versus Hyundai

In today’s article we’ll be exploring the fierce competition between two South Korean automotive giants, Kia and Hyundai. Now, both are related to each other, with Hyundai owning a sizable...
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How To Keep Your Car In Top Shape

You’ve searched around, talked to salesmen online and in person, signed the contract, and have been on the road driving for some time now. You’re left with the concern, how do I get the mo...
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When To Trade in Your Vehicle

Here at North End Motors we strive to provide an unmatched level of service and care to all of our customers, whether you’re servicing your vehicle with us, purchasing a car, truck, or SUV, or t...
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How To Winterize Your Vehicle

With the weather dropping below freezing and the season’s tidings growing ever merrier now is the time to be looking for ways to keep you and your vehicle ready for these winter months ahead. Ke...
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At home tire inspection + Maintenance

Ensuring your vehicle is in road ready condition is the capstone in the protection of yourself and your loved ones, and reducing overall preventable maintenance issues. An important piece in your vehi...
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How Interest Rates Decided Auto Loans

Interest rates, how are they determined? There are four main deciding factors when it comes to the interest rate you receive from the bank when you buy a new car. These factors are your credit score a...
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