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North End Difference: Get Approved Online

Posted at Wed, Dec 30, 2020 2:30 PM

In one past article we touched on the availability of our vehicles across major and new platforms like CarGrus, AutoTrader, and Facebook Marketplace, we’re everywhere you look. Now, this is great, we have the vehicles, with the current situation you may want to compare financing and prices online, we have not one, not two, but three different paths you can take to do so directly on every vehicles within our website. Now, this will work on getting you a guaranteed auto car loan approval on any vehicle in our inventory, be it a Ford, Toyota, or Chevy, so keep on reading to learn more.

First, we’ll look at a full credit application.  Chances are, no matter the dealer website you go to, you’ll find it, and they’ll be talking about it. But what is it? How does it make a difference? Just like the credit application you’ll fill out with your salesman in the dealership should you go that route you’ll fill in the necessary information banks need. Your work history, your income, your credit score, and how long you’ve lived at your current home just to name a few. After you click submit, that information will be sent to our management team here at the dealership. One of our salesman will reach out to you to let you know we’ve received it, and if you haven’t entered in a vehicle you’re interested in, help you narrow down which vehicle you’d like to see the information on.

What happens next? From there our management team will take that information and go to the bank or banks, one of the 30 different banks we do business with daily, they know will best put you in the position you need to get the most of out of your next auto loan. When we say we put the customer first, we mean it. You’ll then get one approval or more, and we can work to get you the best deal possible. All that comes next is coming in to sign and driving away. And remember, when you fill in your information, it doesn’t matter if you want to put no money down, if you want to finance your auto loan, 36, 48, 60, 72, or 84 months, our team will work to get you the best approval every time. Want a more hands-free approach? Read on.

Now, what’s another avenue you can take? On any vehicle page you can click on CLICK AND DRIVE. You’ll enter in your information much like you would with your credit application, and also fill in everything from the payment you’re comfortable with, the interest rate you’d like, to how long you’d like to finance your vehicle for. From here, this information is matched by a computer system to banks that would best match to maximize the benefits you bring to your loan. Our management team here, ever vigilant, will then work with you to go a step above and work to beat the (already great) approval with one we know will work for you the most. Next, same thing, you can come in, sign, and drive away.

We’ve reached the last stop in our at home pre-approval journey. By clicking on the explore financing button on our site, you’ll follow a similar process to both the online credit app and click and drive, but instead of comparing approvals between banks, through our partnership with Capital One their team will work you to get the best approval. Now, we’ll still work to beat it if you’d like us, we’re big believers in friendly competition to bring the most value to our customers. After all, it’s what we do every day.

We’ve looked at the different avenues at how we can get you the best approval and how we do it, all with you staying safe and comfortable at home. Rest assured, just like with your financing options, it doesn’t matter if you have no credit, if recent or past events have left you with a damaged score, or if you have great credit, through A+ to D- credit, our team works on approvals just like yours every single day, no one is better equipped to get you the best automotive loan approved now. The next step is on you, feel free to look us up where you search for cars, or even better look around our site here, reach out to us, we’ll be here to help.

As always, stay safe and stay healthy.

The article above includes information is a summary of processes undertaken by North End Motors Inc. in regards to online car shopping and pre-approvals/approvals. Actual results and processes may be adjusted upon receipt of information depending upon the overall situation brought in by each individual customer in regards to credit history, score, and stipulations from lending institutions based on customers’ financial history. This list is not exhaustive and is not intended to cover all possible factors that may affect a customer’s odds of approval or the nature of approval, North End Motors Inc. will share information regarding the customer’s approval and reasons for the lack thereof should the situation arise. North End Motors Inc. is not to be held liable should a financial decision be made in poor choice if the customer does not pursue a variety of sources of information during their decision to pursue an automotive loan.

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