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Posted at Wed, Mar 10, 2021 2:30 PM

Here at North End Motors we pride ourselves in the connections we’ve built within our community. We’ve established a voice as a trustworthy source on pre-owned vehicles, everything from trucks offered by Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge to Toyota, Mercedes, or BMW Sedans and everything in between. In building that voice we’ve gained over 10,000 positive customer experience reviews, highlighting the commitment we have to the people who do business with us, our North End Family.

How do we do it?

First off, our salesmen are not paid commissions on any vehicle that we sell. Why? Every sales professional here at the dealership receives a flat fee for every vehicle sold. This helps ensure that no matter if you’re looking for your first car, looking to expand to fit a growing family, or just looking for a new ride, our sales team will always find a vehicle that will fit your wants and needs, not the needs of their commission check.

You’re looking for a new vehicle, what you do with the one you’re driving currently. We touched base on this in a prior article. To recap, we have a full time team of professional appraisers, the same people scouring the sources that we use to replenish our inventory across the country are also the ones that are evaluating your trade. Why does this matter? Well, they know what to look for. Using a variety of sources our team is able to offer on average up to 25% higher than Kelley Blue Book value for your current vehicle, the same can be said whether you’re looking to replace it with one of ours, or if you’re looking to sell and move on.

We’ve talked about how we’re different during the sales process. But what about afterwards? It doesn’t end there. To make sure the people who we’ve helped find their car can take care of it, should you refer someone to us we’ll give you a $100 credit when that person does business with us. And, should you trust us with keeping your vehicle in top shape. We offer a program where every time you repair your vehicle with us, you’ll give you 5% back in rewards points to use for your next visits.

North End Motors has grown alongside the people we’ve made connections with, and these are just some of the ways that we give back to our customers at every step of vehicle ownership. Looking to buy a new car, sell yours, or stick to a service schedule on your current car? Feel free to come visit us here at 390 Turnpike Street Canton, MA, or visit us online at, you can set a service appointment, buy online with instant credit approval, or start getting your current car, truck, or SUV appraised all online.

Thank you for reading.

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