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At North End Motors in Boston, MA we care about our customers and the Earth. That’s why we’ve installed solar panels over our dealership. Not only does this protect our customers while shopping for new and used cars, but it has other benefits as well. Take a look at why we installed these solar canopies.

1. It Utilizes the Space Well

Our solar panels allow us to maximize the space we have. We built the solar canopy above our existing lot so there was no need to construct any new buildings to house them.

2. Reduction in Electric and Energy Consumption

Our solar panels help us reduce the amount of electricity and energy we need to operate. During peak sunlight, our building utilizes the power generated from these panels. This savings isn’t just beneficial to our bottom line and the Earth, but also to you because we can lower the prices of our vehicles since we don’t need as much to operate.

3. Shaded, Comfortable Cars

The cooling effect from our solar canopy structure helps the cars in multiple ways. First, they are covered and protected from the UV impact. This helps them to retain their brand new paint job. In addition, drivers receive the benefit because the cars aren’t hot when they sit inside. This also helps to keep the pavement cooler which makes the shopping experience even more enjoyable.

4. Lower Greenhouse Emissions

We want to do whatever we can for our environment. That’s why we are happy to lead the green revolution with new car dealerships. As more people see what we’ve done, they will likely realize how beneficial it is as well. We hope all the car dealerships in Boston, MA convert to this better way of running a business.

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At North End Motors in Boston, MA, we are committed to doing everything possible to serve our community. This begins by offering the best new cars in the area and extends out to being good stewards of our environment. We are ready to help you get behind the wheel of a new car today. Visit us for a test drive and see what a difference the solar panels make.

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