North End Difference: Value at Every Step

Posted at Wed, Apr 7, 2021 2:00 PM

More than ever people are searching for their next vehicle, going through sites like, Cargurus, Autotrader, etc., comparing deals, looking for the best value, and trying to search out that next car, truck, or SUV, that almost jumps off the screen as THEIR new vehicle. Some dealers look at this as an opportunity to mislead, by displaying prices hidden behind small text at the bottom of the screen, detailing preset trade in values, money down, and other deceptive tricks. Here at North End Motors, we do business differently. We’ll go through a few of the ways we accomplish this below!


How do we determine our price that you’ll see online? Like you searching for the best deal, we look through our competitors’ prices for comparable vehicles constantly using advanced software to find the best market value. The price you’ll see reflects them, and while it will be competitive, we don’t stop adding value with just the price.


Whether it’s a late model Toyota Camry, a Ford F-150, or anything else you can find on online or on our lot. From there, we go a step beyond. How? While many dealers will simply receive their inventory from where they source it, have it serviced so it runs, and sell it to you with no insurance that it’ll stay running or even pass state inspection, again we do things differently. When our vehicles arrive at our lot, typically from lease returns, they go through our full service inspection and are detailed before they’re offered for sale. But it doesn’t end there.


You come in, you test drive, agree to numbers and get approved by one of our over 30 partner lenders, ranging from national banks to local credit unions, before you pick up the car, or have it delivered to you, what happens? It goes through our service department again, a full inspection process ensuring that the vehicle is totally ready for you to take possession of it. Our team of mechanics have been with our team for years, and have worked on all the vehicles that have passed through our dealer. Not only are they qualified to go through the car mechanically after you buy it to make sure it’s in its best shape, they’re paid based on the work that they do on the vehicle. This ensures your new vehicle will be taken care of both before you take it, and before you’re ready to take it on the road.


Here at North End Motors we put our money where our mouth is by taking the necessary steps with each and every vehicle that comes in and leaves our dealership to ensure that your new vehicle is ready for the years to come. If you’re interested in finding your next car, truck, or SUV from our location here at 390 Turnpike Street in Canton, Massachusetts feel free to give our sales team a call at 781-575-1002 or visit us online at!

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